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Natural Sciences Tripos Part 1 Mathematics

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering is an indispensible handbook for the second year maths course. It may be worth purchasing a copy, but if not, your library should have it. The solutions manual is also useful, given a lot of the problems are similar to your question sheets.


Supervisions will be weekly in 47C Churchill. Please hand in work by 5:00 pm the day before your supervision to my pigeon hole in the Porters' Lodge.


On the front page of your work, please summarise any issues you had with the problems or questions you have from the lectures. It's much more efficient if I know what we need to go over in advance.

This is only a rough guide; it might have to change depending on the pace of supervisions. Once we've got going, I suggest we cover a Tripos question each week as well.

Supervision Work (1A) Work (1B)
Michaelmas 1 Sheet 1: A3–8, B3–10 Sheet 0
Michaelmas 2 Sheet 1: B11–13, C2–12 Sheet 1: 1–7
Michaelmas 3 Sheet 1: D, E, F1, F5–10 Sheet 1: 8–Sheet 2: 2
Michaelmas 4 Sheet 1: F11–19, G, H3–5 Sheet 2: 3–10
Michaelmas 5 Sheet 1: I, J, K, L, M Up to Sheet 3 Q6
Michaelmas 6 Sheet 1: N, O & Sheet 2: P Finish Sheet 3
2023 P1 Q3 & 5
Michaelmas 7 Sheet 2: Q, R1–8 Sheet 4 1–8
Lent 1 Sheet 2: R9–15 and Tripos questions
Lent 2 Sheet 1: S3, S5–9
Lent 3 Sheet 1: 10–13
Tripos: 2002 P2 4B, 7D
Lent 4 Sheet 2: 4–10
Tripos: 2001 P1 5C, 12F
Lent 5 Sheet 2: 11–18
Tripos: 2002 P2 3B, 11F
Lent 6 Sheet 2: 19–24
Tripos: 2003 P1 3B, 11F
Lent 7 Sheet 3: 6–12
Tripos: 2005 P1 3B, 4B
Lent 8 Sheet 3: 13–20
Tripos: 2006 P1 4B, 8D

The “basic skills” questions are optional (unless mentioned); do them if you're unsure of the topic, or find the main questions too challenging to start off with.