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Words of the day (according to Steve)

December 2015

Thursday 17 jocular
Being able to see the punchline coming.
Wednesday 16 milequetoast
Raising a glass to someone who has just asked their tousandth question in Spanish.
Tuesday 15 clishmaclaver
A drunk butcher describing his meat cutting tools.
Monday 14 telluric
To describe your urine.
Friday 11 fortnight
Dedicated evening for building cardboard box structures.
Thursday 10 fugacious
Feeling like a puffer fish.
Wednesday 09 lexicographer
The person responsible for plotting the financial success of Lex Luthor's companies.
Tuesday 08 antipodes
A person who dislikes feet.
Monday 07 bombinate
UK/US foreign policy.
Friday 04 spoonerism
The belief that all meals should be liquefied.
Thursday 03 foudroyant
The ability to predict the names of four doctors.
Wednesday 02 propinquity
In favour of using pins as a measure of wealth.
Tuesday 01 winkle
To half-close one eye

November 2015

Monday 30 bibliotaphe
A man who produces Bible verses on demand.
Friday 27 oniomania
Taxonomic rank of human-allium hybrids.
Thursday 26 gormandize
To dress up as a male road accident victim for Halloween.
Wednesday 25 uxorious
The tourism board for Uxbridge.
Tuesday 24 penetralia
i) Former name of Australia, ii) (insert dirty joke here).
Monday 23 splendiferous
Drunkenly announcing there is enough for everyone.
Friday 20 penurious
a) To want to write like mad, b) being unsure about your sexual attraction to stationery.
Thursday 19 empyreal
Relating to electromagnetic fires.
Wednesday 18 slugabed
Someone whose muscles have eyestalks and are a bit slimy.
Tuesday 17 Panglossian
A great believer in non-stick cookware.
Monday 16 horatory
When your horse behaves like a sack of potatoes when asked to trot.
Friday 13 inconnu
A wildebeest without bowel control.
Thursday 12 saporific
A tree which looks like it is oozing blood.
Wednesday 11 magnanimous
Of an elderly lady who attracts metal objects.
Tuesday 10 logophile
A lover of approaching infinity incredibly slowly.
Monday 09 lassitude
Horizontal lines around the body used for obtaining a woman's clothing sizes.
Friday 06 crespuscular
A pancae which works out.
Thursday 05 recondite
Somebody prone to being easily brainwashed.
Wednesday 04 coriaceous
A geological period when giant herbs roamed the Earth.
Tuesday 03 landloper
Someone who cuts pieces off the coastline of countries.
Monday 02 desultory
Being forced to retract a rude remarka bout a Conservative.

October 2015

Thursday 29 barghest
The scariest bee.
Wednesday 28 Jotunheim
To write about your trip to the Guggenheim.
Tuesday 27 lycanthrope
String made from a blend of lychee and old anthologies.
Monday 26 taphephobia
Fear of a man getting your attention by poking your shoulder.
Friday 23 convive
To avoid dying whilst in prison.
Thursday 22 scuttlebutt
Any form of self-propelled movement where you remain seated to undertake it.
Wednesday 21 kakistocracy
When whoever wears the most brown gets to make the decisions.
Tuesday 20 dithyramb
Taking an extremely long time in going for a walk.
Monday 19 mawkish
To act even more awkwardly.
Friday 16 shirk
Clothing for a great white.
Thursday 15 ides
Asks somebody to verify their ace.
Wednesday 14 obstreperous
Feeling like you want to block the path of sales representatives.
Tuesday 13 cognoscenti
Clockwork that doesn't smell of anything.
Monday 12 bromide
A supporter of West Bromwich Albion.
Friday 09 tumescent
What the dogs that can sniff out cancer smell.
Thursday 08 parvenu
An average location.
Wednesday 07 alexithymia
A condition suffered by vicars when the entire congregation leaves during the start of the hymn.
Tuesday 06 flummox
A disease bourn by 0.001m tall oxen.
Monday 05 amphigory
Covered in theatrical blood.
Friday 02 peripeteia
Medical condition in which you believe you are surrounded by Peters.
Thursday 01 espial
Having psychic properties.

September 2015

Wednesday 30 birling
A sport involving ducks, geese, swans, a frozen lake, and some brooms.
Tuesday 29 anomia
Medical condition of being a medical anomaly.
Monday 28 wayworn
How to put your clothes on.
Friday 25 donnybrook
A river running through the Master's garden.
Thursday 24 scorbutic
A rating of the amount of butane found in a fuel.
Wednesday 23 snickersnee
A marathon bar.
Tuesday 22 penitent
a) A shelter constructed out of stationery, b) a gentleman's morning problem.
Monday 21 enervate
To supply the electronic stimuli for nerves.
Friday 18 shibboleth
State of having been punched on the nose and had your boat stolen.
Thursday 17 too-too
Wearing a second ballet skirt.
Wednesday 16 crackerjack
A casino game using biscuits as tokens.
Tuesday 15 tommyrot
A disease affecting tomato plants.
Monday 14 mollify
To dress up as Mrs Weasley.
Friday 11 swimmingly
Making friends and connections in the pool.
Thursday 10 mundane
A mountain unicyclist from Denmark.
Wednesday 09 Fata Morgana
a) An instruction from an Italian for his father to play more organ, b) If Graeme eats too many pies.
Tuesday 08 ogdoad
An ogre expressing a desire to work in commercials.
Monday 07 afebrile
Someone who is not annoyed by the second month of the year.
Friday 04 ibidem
An active participant in an auction.
Thursday 03 coincident
To mistakenly gve someone the wrong change.
Wednesday 02 gubernatorial
An instruction manual for buying firearms in the capital of Switzerland.
Tuesday 01 well-nigh
The darkness experienced when you fall down a rural water source.

August 2015

Monday 31 helix
The 59th man to have existed.
Friday 28 opprobrious
Someone who is against the practice of aliens probing their victims.
Thursday 27 protean
A member of a religion for the promotion of Earl Grey.
Wednesday 26 absquatulate
To exercise in such a way that you end up with no abs.
Tuesday 25 xeriscaping
To run away with the office photocopier.
Monday 24 lachrymose
Sugar derived from chrysanthemums in Los Angeles.
Friday 21 laconic
To have no parabolas, ellipses, or hyperbolas.
Thursday 20 beatify
To use an ordinary object as a musical instrument.
Wednesday 19 eleemosynary
The department of a Jewsh place of worship responsible for angsty teenage elephants.
Tuesday 18 festinate
Someone who refuses to go to celebrations.
Monday 17 brickbat
An unaerodynamic flying mammal.
Friday 14 burble
To mess up an attempt at stealing.
Thursday 13 ambisinister
a) to walk in a menacing manner, b) someone who commits all of the deadly sins.
Wednesday 12 mellifluous
To feel you have a mild viral infection.
Tuesday 11 psephology
Study of the goddess of the underworld.
Monday 10 mondegreen
A scheme to cover the world in forests.
Friday 07 chiliad
The epic poem about spices.
Thursday 06 polysemy
The feeling that you are giving many seminars.
Wednesday 05 twitterpated
Unable to pass your thoughts to social media.
Tuesday 04 argonaut
Someone who goes on adventures in noble gases.
Monday 03 boomlet
To rent the sound equipment for recording TV shows.

July 2015

Friday 31 saurian
A worshipper of the Dark Lord.
Thursday 30 olio
Slang term for olive oil.
Wednesday 29 saxicoline
A ferry company that subjects you to constant jazz during the journey.
Tuesday 28 accouterment
Aiming for the betterment of the financial industries.
Monday 27 nabob
To steal a shilling.
Friday 24 persiflage
What washing powder coats socks in to ensure you cannot find them again in the washing machine.
Thursday 23 hierogram
The mass of the Rosetta stone.
Wednesday 22 risibility
A quality possessed by all good helicopters.
Tuesday 21 criticaster
An essential tree.
Monday 20 sidereal
A non-imaginary sports team.
Friday 17 fogdog
A canine's state of mind when drunk.
Thursday 16 sumptuous
Toasty addition.
Wednesday 15 allegiant
Someone claimed to have larger-than-ife proportions.
Tuesday 14 foison
Toxin found in goose liver.
Monday 13 mimesis
Condition through which you find yourself applying white face paint and being trapped behind invisible glass walls.
Friday 10 capriole
What you place your straw through to drink a Capri Sun.
Thursday 09 sobriquet
A bundle of soup cans and bricks thrown at weddings.
Wednesday 08 proprioception
Paying for ideas.
Tuesday 07 fisc
An assortment of underwater creatures with gills.
Monday 06 telegnosis
A condition by which all characters on TV shows appear to ave pointy hat and fishing rods.
Friday 03 quixotic
A series of questions asked about Hawaii and other tropical locations.
Thursday 02 dragoman
Someone capable of breathing fire.
Wednesday 01 contradistinction
When your degree submission is so bad you get a high mark in another subject instead.

June 2015

Tuesday 30 whodunit
World Health Organisation development unit.
Monday 29 piebald
To remove the top crust of a pastry dish.
Friday 26 tenderfoot
To use body parts as currency.
Thursday 25 ubiety
Having the properties of the University of Bristol.
Wednesday 24 ennui
Extremely Non-Natural User Interface
Tuesday 23 otiose
Relating to an over-the-top gesture.
Monday 22 clepe
Being close to a pancake.
Friday 19 inviolable
Music forbidden from being played on the violin.
Thursday 18 unreality
The imagined quality of famous books you have not yet read.
Wednesday 17 lackadaisical
Of a lawn without any weeds.
Tuesday 16 technophobia
Technique to make sure Deimos is the only moon of Mars.
Monday 15 definiens
Culinary term for the chef who prepares the sharks for shark fin soup.
Friday 12 cavort
The people you know in the Cambridge Physics Building.
Thursday 11 ’sblood
A USB stick which has been dropped down the toilet.
Wednesday 10 pentimento
A five-sided mint.
Tuesday 09 obsolescence
The act of watching the sun escape.
Monday 08 urban
An affliction by which you never know what to say in response to questions in an interview or presentation.
Friday 05 aggrandize
To annoy somebody by only answering questions using a random number generator or magic 8-ball.
Thursday 04 floccinaucinihilipilfication
Making people flock to the initial auction of cinnamon through use of highlighting and pills.
Wednesday 03 cryptozoology
The study of lives in morgues.
Tuesday 02 oxter
An aquatic beast of burden used to plough the ocean waves.
Monday 01 jiggery-pokery
A cross between a piece puzzle and a card game.

May 2015

Friday 29 agog
Wearing eye protection.
Thursday 28 middling
An inhabitant of Middlesborough.
Wednesday 27 gainsay
a) To report on your company's profits, b) To become speaker in a debate.
Tuesday 26 quidnunc
a) The name of a planet in the Latin version of H2G2, b) Someone who will pretend to be your mother's brother for a small payment.
Monday 25 eternize
To transform someone into an electronic seabird.
Friday 22 sudser
Technical job title of someone who works at the hand carwash.
Thursday 21 geminate
To compress someone until they turn to diamond.
Wednesday 20 schism
An educational building which splits white light into a rainbow.
Tuesday 19 tatterdemalion
A big cat which makes a strongly worded request to rip one into little pieces.
Monday 18 bucolic
A plague-like disease found in young male deer.
Friday 15 scroop
A curved, threaded piece of metal which allows objects to be secured in a circular formation.
Thursday 14 cynosure
Certain that something is a dog.
Wednesday 13 syzygy
Having the properties of a symmetric zygote.
Tuesday 12 hidebound
The extent over which a game of hide-and-seek takes place.
Monday 11 bibliomania
Condition suffered causing one to become a televised evangelical Christian.
Friday 08 logy
Something that keeps increasing, just at an incredibly slow rate.
Thursday 07 volitant
A person who sets fire to themselves for political protest.
Wednesday 06 defenestrate
Projected cost of draining the fens.
Tuesday 05 bafflegab
To be confused why someone has stomach muscles on their leg.
Monday 04 diurnal
Being so large that when cremated your ashes take up two pots.
Friday 01 rhapsody
Releasing a rhapsody in installments.

April 2015

Thursday 30 piffle
To steal from a raffle.
Wednesday 29 cacophonous
A group given an award by the Canadian Police Force.
Tuesday 28 maudlin
A Cambridge college in exam term.
Monday 27 veridical
To confirm that something is dice-shaped.
Friday 24 sang-froid
Sung about being able to identify someone by their curly hair.
Thursday 23 bolide
To accidentally walk or drive into a low rising bollard.
Wednesday 22 mirepoix
The ninth swamp-toilet.
Tuesday 21 gauche
A device that measures pain.
Monday 20 atticism
Compulsion to hide in lofts.
Friday 17 bunkum
Indecision as to what height you wish to sleep.
Thursday 16 grubstake
1) Playing poker for food, 2) A tool to kill vampire insect larvae (mosquito babies).
Wednesday 15 schlemiel
A scheme to make honey in France.
Tuesday 14 argot
The trail of a snail.
Monday 13 derring-do
To accept a marriage proposal.
Friday 10 galenical
Shaped like a galaxy.
Thursday 09 brume
To request a beverage.
Wednesday 08 caustic
A small biting insect which follows the passage of time.
Tuesday 07 badinage
Becoming more troublesome as you get older.
Monday 06 diddle
Played the violin.
Friday 03 fabular
A really well-formatted table environment.
Thursday 02 boodle
A Pac-man ghost.
Wednesday 01 malarkey
The scientific breakthrough required to eradicate mosquito-bourne diseases.

March 2015

Tuesday 31 paramnesia
Cataloguing the Pacific Islands.
Monday 30 funambulist
A hobbyist paramedic.
Friday 27 cantillate
Able to keep going until the early hours.
Thursday 26 forsooth
A purpose of a cough sweet.
Wednesday 25 dendrochronology
1) Study of dents in your chrome droids, 2) Study of your chrome Judy Dench-droid.
Tuesday 24 furtherance
Making sure you are always furtive.
Monday 23 nonevent
An airtight container.
Friday 20 anthesis
What an insect submits in order to get a PhD.
Thursday 19 amish
Head of the Amish community.
Wednesday 18 beamish
An instruction to join a technology-shunning sect.
Tuesday 17 brogue
A rogue with an inclination for queueing, drinking tea, and having a stiff upper lip.
Monday 16 collywobbles
1) To oscillate a dog, 2) Cauliflower jelly
Friday 13 intenerate
Intending to integrate a function but accidentally differentiating instead.
Thursday 12 spondulicks
Impulsively touching a duck with your tongue.
Wednesday 11 momism
Medical condition by which one has too much momentum.
Tuesday 10 magniloquent
Able to speak to magnets.
Saturday 07 formication
1) Supporting of microphones being placed everywhere, 2) being bitten by an ant.
Friday 06 circumvolve
To prevent a solution being found.
Thursday 05 eyesome
Collective noun for a collection of glasses.
Wednesday 04 sastruga
The first wooden gardening basket used by the SAS.
Tuesday 03 variorum
To switch your brand of spirit.
Monday 02 switcheroo
Full replacement warranty offered on marsupial purchases.

February 2015

Friday 27 adhockery
The act of sponsoring a hockey team.
Thursday 26 inutile
a) Eskimo-like, b) trapped in African hardwood.
Wednesday 25 Pickwickian
Relating to a candle quality control officer.
Tuesday 24 demassify
i) Conversion away from Catholicism, ii) Standard model without Higgs boson, iii) Conservation property of the Ghost Fluid Method.
Monday 23 brolly
a) Pushing your brother down a hill, b) a British parrot.
Friday 20 doggo
The starting hatches at a greyhound racing track.
Thursday 19 effulgent
An evil gent with no nose; mostly Voldemort.
Wednesday 18 thaumaturge
Your desire to cover the world in rugs.
Tuesday 17 ballast
a) The final act of a ballet, b) having one testicle remaining.
Monday 16 polymatny
Being able to count in more than one base system.
Friday 13 triskaidekaphobia
Fear of being decapitated by a three-piece ska band.
Thursday 12 skookum
A five year old trying to point out a cucumber.
Wednesday 11 sternutation
Becoming very serious after exposure to radiation.
Tuesday 10 commensal
Arousal through talking.
Monday 09 peacock
A small organ.
Friday 06 tenebrific
Amazing, but only in Nebraska.
Thursday 05 succorance
Success despite knowing nothing on the topic.
Wednesday 04 winnow
The best small fish.
Tuesday 03 brobdingnagian
Being reminded by Ian to get the alarm that warns you when your honey is being stolen.
Monday 02 mizzle
Halfway through a jigsaw puzzle or crossword.

January 2015

Thursday 29 sodality
The lumpiness of your lawn.
Wednesday 28 cabotage
Result of Cavendish cooking cabbage.
Tuesday 27 dalles
Plural form of the Texan city (chiefly used by time travellers trying to alter Kennedy's assassination).
Monday 26 subrogate
Getting your underwater vessel built in someone else's shipyard.
Friday 23 railbird
Mallard, or Isambird Kingdom Brunel.
Thursday 22 babelism
Prejudice against pigs being entered into sheepdog trials.
Wednesday 21 pyrophoric
Being incredibly happy about using Pyrex.
Tuesday 20 stour
The saint that belongs to us.
Monday 19 afflated
An obsession with Ben Affleck.
Friday 16 internuncial
A nunnery in between occupants.
Thursday 15 mackle
The matriarch in a cockle society.
Wednesday 14 periphrasis
The feeling of a sentence being on the tip of your tongue.
Tuesday 13 catchpenny
a) A urinal, b) The charity box you get at shop tills.
Monday 12 glut
A cut sealed with strong adhesive.
Friday 09 interosculate
Being caught between two pendulums.
Thursday 08 fritter
Free sparkles.
Wednesday 07 cogitation
Being agreed by clockwork things.
Tuesday 06 sororal
Vocalising your sadness.
Monday 05 rallentando
Calling forth an army of ents and orcs. (Etymology: the first to utter this word was shot by an elf before finishing.)

December 2014

Thursday 18 beforehand
A wrist.
Wednesday 17 chutzpa
When your father takes the 'slide' into the coal cellar.
Tuesday 16 subfuscous
Underwater drama about being served couscous.
Monday 15 thalassic
Geological period when thesauruses roamed the Earth.
Friday 12 verbigeration
The tendency of the younger generation to alter words in order to make them sound 'cooler'.
Thursday 11 prithee
A polite way of asking somebody if they had to go to the loo.
Wednesday 10 happenstance
Pose for a photo in a manner which makes it look like you are in the middle of the action.
Tuesday 09 philosophaster
Accelerated thinking.
Monday 08 pavlovian
Someone with intimate feelings for pathways.
Friday 05 clairaudience
People who can listen to cream filled pastries.
Thursday 04 wanion
An onion in its declining phase.
Wednesday 03 zoanthropy
The annual award for the most generous person named Zoe.
Tuesday 02 solander
The ill-fated NASA project to put a man on the moon.
Monday 01 nosophobia
Fear of elephants.

November 2014

Friday 28 tiffin
A fight over the last muffin.
Thursday 27 degust
A paperweight.
Wednesday 26 pabulum
An oscillating Picasso.
Tuesday 25 nostomania
The standard global chaos that follows any ancient prophecy incorrecty predicting armageddon.
Monday 24 gaslight
The practice of igniting one's own flatulence.
Friday 21 bovarism
Prejudice against cows.
Thursday 20 apocryphal
Pretending to be a pharmacist.
Wednesday 19 chairoscuro
Trying to disguise cheap Italian wine as something better.
Tuesday 18 star-crossed
To have made a celebrity angry.
Monday 17 rufescent
Dog's breath.
Friday 14 slubber
Drool so thick it bounces.
Thursday 13 horripilation
A seemingly constant stream of unpleasant things happening to you.
Wednesday 12 clowder
Finely ground circus folk.
Tuesday 11 gossamer
Someone who constantly repeats one bit of 'juicy' information about other people.
Monday 10 hoyden
Where an olympic medal-winning cyclist sleeps.
Friday 07 gapeseed
1) A gobstopper. 2) What happens when you sit on a coconut.
Thursday 06 anatine
When the insides of an inanimate object has an organ-like structure.
Wednesday 05 pusillanimous
A cat being violently sick.
Tuesday 04 kickshaw
A public transport operator in Delhi who is angry with jaywalking pedestrians and aims for the shins whilst passing them.
Monday 03 horology
Any academic discipline once you have studied it long enough it now enters your nightmares.

October 2014

Friday 31 cryptesthesia
Medical condition when somebody sees dead bodies when listening to music.
Thursday 30 baleful
1) Taxidermy stuffed with straw. 2) A scarecrow.
Wednesday 29 chthonian
Someone who starts every sentence by clearing their throat.
Tuesday 28 poltergeist
Someone prejudiced against people who keep chickens at the side of the road.
Monday 27 odontoid
(Northern) Please do not hide.
Friday 24 cloister
A blister caused by wearing ill-fitting wooden shoes.
Thursday 23 exiguous
Formly all joined together, now all separate.
Wednesday 22 pavonine
Nonagonal floor covering.
Tuesday 21 realpolitik
The Spanish parliament's football team.
Monday 20 cline
A unit of productivity for those who work on the lab code.
Friday 17 duplo
People made out of a young child's Lego product.
Thursday 16 conk
To swing the fruit of the horse chestnut tree when attached to a piece of string.
Wednesday 15 mythomane
When a man refuses to admit he's going bald i.e. A combover
Tuesday 14 juvenescent
The smell of a teenager's bedroom.
Monday 13 mistral
When a physics connection to the astral plane goes a bit cloudy.
Friday 10 ci-devant
An insect responsible for the infrastructure and building on Jersey & Guernsey.
Thursday 09 frission
To rub against a buffalo.
Wednesday 08 wisenheimer
An arcaic term meaning "someone who can be trusted upon to send aid in an emergency."
Tuesday 07 foremost
The loudest golfer on the course.
Monday 06 azoth
A sluggish, tree-dwelling mammal whose only defence against predators is to recite the alphabet and hope that they are impressed.
Friday 03 hempy
1) A polite of describing someone who is a bit of a stoner. 2) The way posh people refer to their member of parliament.
Thursday 02 exilic
An ice cream that has been stolen by a seagull.
Wednesday 01 demesne
Half a sneeze before being rudely interrupted and then feeling very unsatisfied.

September 2014

Tuesday 30 pandurate
Spending time with black and white bamboo eating creatures.
Monday 29 rapier
A seaside extension which frequently holds hip-hop events.
Friday 26 bibliophobe
The yellow pages for people with a cold.
Thursday 25 iwis
Headless New Zealanders.
Wednesday 24 chansonette
(from an English person trying to pretend they know French): Take a gamble.
Tuesday 23 nidificate
To improve something by the addition of a shrubbery (with a little fence).
Monday 22 hebdomadal
In the manner of a Hebridean dome-shaped thing.
Sunday 21 tantivy
(Northern) Turning a creeping plant brown by leaving it exposed to sunlight.
Friday 19 pilar
The material that the Cavendish cafeteriasubstandard cafeterias use to coat their pies.
Thursday 18 quotha
The number of lispedlithped words you are allowed to use in a day.
Wednesday 17 higgledy-piggledy
Porcine-shaped LEDs adorning a newly-discovered boson.
Tuesday 16 ablactate
A modern art museum with the lights off.
Monday 15 flapdoodle
Someone drawing simplistic birds like: v
Friday 12 rejectamenta
Souveniers made out of all of your rejection letters.
Thursday 11 lorn
The green stuff on the garden of Our Lord.
Wednesday 10 scaramouch
The mark left on your skin after being headbutted by a male sheep.
Tuesday 09 pratfall
A shower of idiots.
Monday 08 calvous
Acting in the manner of a young bovine.
Friday 05 curlicue
A game by which burgers must be slid to the centre of the barbecue by a team using greased brooms.

August 2014

Saturday 02 interrobang
Extracting information from a suspect through sexual means.